Atlanta Urbanist Book Group

A Better Atlanta, One Book at a Time

Our mission at the Atlanta Urbanist Book Group is to introduce new ideas to Urban Atlanta by reading recent books about cities, identifying the ideas we think would work in Atlanta, and offering civic leaders a guide to these ideas.

We define “urbanism” broadly. We are reading books about transportation, land use, housing, public safety, government reform, neighborhoods, social infrastructure, education, economic development, regionalism, diversity, politics, arts and culture, volunteerism, and more. 

Our aim isn’t to review books but to show how their ideas apply to Atlanta today and suggest ways of moving from good ideas to good actions. 

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Next Book: Love Our Cities: How a City-Wide Volunteer Day Can Unite and Transform Your Community

Mar 6, 2024

We will discuss “Love Our Cities,” a book about volunteering, the benefits it brings to a city, and how a single day devoted to good works can be a source of continuing civic involvement. It was written by two people who learned these things after starting a community outreach project at a church.

Pishney was a minister at a church in Modesto, California. Jung was a business and nonprofit executive. They are leaders today in a national organization called Love Our Cities, which helps communities organize day-long volunteer events.

We will look for lessons about volunteering and civic involvement that could benefit Urban Atlanta.